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     The professional gutter team invariably does superb work and leaves the area spotless. Their service is well worth the money!
Rio E10/07/2024
     Had an outstanding spring cleaning experience with Hampton Wick Carpet Cleaning, my flat has been transformed!
F. Molsey01/03/2023
     I give this cleaning company an excellent rating! I called Hampton Wick Cleaning Company because I had a lot of work that needed to be taken care of and was told by a friend that they'd be able to handle it. Handle it they did and that too in spectacular fashion. They eliminated the dirt in my house like true pros, cleaned and sanitised every surface in super-quick time. Despite all the work, they stuck to the agreed quote too!
Stan E19/05/2020
     I just moved for my job. I bought a house, not knowing that it needed a lot of work. I hired Hampton Wick Carpet Cleaning to help with house cleaning, and they did a terrific job! I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently they worked!
Pamela Rodgers20/09/2019
     Professional, attentive and super friendly. They were on time and finished quickly. Their experience shows through their work. They are the best office cleaners without a doubt.
Jessica J.14/08/2019
     Home cleaning is a big bother for me and I had to hire Hampton Wick Rug Cleaning Service to do it last time I was in need of help on the cheap. Thankfully, their team are very, very good and don't need me around to deal with all the nasty work. Grand help!
Travis Morgan07/12/2016
     I ended up with extra responsibility at work after being promoted into being a manager and I had no time to clean up the mess at home. I tried so hard to keep on top of everything but I was failing. Eventually, I called Hampton Wick Rug Cleaning Servi and told them how tired I was. Their service was incredible and I have recommended them to everyone I know. Absolutely amazing!
Caroline A.17/04/2015
     Last week, I spilled coffee all over my expensive upholstery. Of course, I know how to clean upholstery but the truth is I did not want to damage mine so I searched for a reliable upholstery cleaning company online. Stumbled upon HamptonWickCarpetCleaners, called them and they came right away. I was surprised to see just how amazingly attentive they are and how great everything turned out in the end! Thank you, thank you very, very much!
Lucille 17/03/2015
     Got to say that HamptonWickCarpetCleaners have been far and away the best value service which I've managed to find when thinking about cleaning the house. It's not only the prices, which are appreciated in and off themselves, but that the results are so truly outstanding. They make the price seem even cheaper. When people recommend them, I feel that this isn't mentioned enough, so I just drop by and let others know about the good value which is on offer here.
Bernice B.07/01/2015
     Living in a rural area means that mud can be quite common. It can be surprising were it can, and that's' usually on my windows. As it splashed, it can cover my windows and so they need cleaning regularly. Wanting to avoid the work and get the best result, I called HamptonWickCarpetCleaners. Their team were able to come to my address and take care of everything. They eliminated all stains and dirt from my windows, making them look better than ever. I will definitely call them again.
Ken A.18/12/2014
     My housemates and I have bickered in the past about cleaning and there always seems to be one girl who won't do her fair share. Plus if her boyfriend has come over the place always seems messier! We agreed though that we could all chip in equally for a good cleaning company to clean the kitchen and the bathroom and HamptonWickCarpetCleaners do a brilliant job for us. The cleaners come over every week for an hour and bring all the products they need - all we have to do is let them in and it really couldn't be easier for us.
Sarah F.05/11/2014
     We were selling our home to downsize but after having lived in this property for over 40 years I think it's safe to say that is was in desperate need of some much needed care. The Estate agent had advised us that many buyers tend to look at the cleanliness of a home and that good cleanliness tends to be a major selling point. We hired HamptonWickCarpetCleaners in the hope that they would work some magic on our home and that is exactly what they did, it looked and smelled fantastic, the transformation was amazing and we sold within a month, very happy customer.
Barry D.08/05/2014
     Cleaning the house was always a boring and time-consuming job that I hated doing. More often than not I just wouldn't bother at all, which meant my house was always a tip! A friend turned me on to HamptonWickCarpetCleaners. At first I didn't think I'd be able to afford professional cleaners, but the prices are actually really affordable. The job my cleaner does every two weeks is absolutely flawless, and I don't have to feel any guilt about not doing the household chores! I have a lot more time on my hands and I don't have to worry about bringing people back to my house. This is a great service - truly life changing!
Jack Trevena17/12/2013